Optimum Lash System

Optimum Lash system is a complete ‘system’ used to apply lash extensions not ‘just another glue’.

All products in the range conform to EU Safety Legislation and manufactured using high quality raw materials.

Our products are full safety assessed to create a safe lash extension system for lash technicians.

We strive to give you the best quality products and focus on ongoing innovative new developments.

Optimum is a system designed for the ‘optimum’ retention of your lash extensions.

Will I be covered on my insurance using the Optimum range?

We are saying yes, as Optimum is not manufactured in the Far East, but best to check with your insurance Company first.

Why choose Optimum range?

Optimum Lash Extension Adhesives are: (when using our complete system)

Oil and water resistant within 30 minutes- when using our full system correctly

Flexible and light weight on the lash

Dark black

Non separating

Non stringing

3 glues in the range available

1 second

2 second

3 second sensitive

Strong long lasting bonds

Varying relative humidity resistant – when using our full system correctly

Please see each product for benefits and further info.

In the range we have:

Liquid Cleanser Make Up Remover

Apply to lashes using ring to disperse make up. Wipe with clean pads

Natural lash Primer/PH balance

This will clean and create the correct PH balance of the natural lashes.

Apply tiny amount onto a lint free pad or micro brush and swipe over the lashes.

Residue and debris can cause retention issue if left on the lash.

Use sparingly.

3 speeds of adhesive ( this will depend on your humidity and temperature being correct)

If the room is too humid the glue with cure too quickly creating a weaker bond.

If the room is too dry the glue will not cure quick enough creating weaker bonds less retention and potential sensitivities

See each product for further info

The speeds Optimum have available are:

1 second

2 second

Sensitive approx. 3 seconds

Select an adhesive to suit the speed you work at.

If you select our fastest glue, then this is very thin and you must work extremely fast to get the best retention.

Retention Plus

Retention Plus is a glue activator/accelerator liquid.  This is applied to the glue bonds sparingly with micro brush AFTER applying the lashes, and adhesive will be water and oil proof in less than 30 minutes.  No more 24 hour before getting lashes wet rule!

Gel remover

The perfect gel consistency so doesn’t run.  Breaks down glue bonds swiftly for fast and safe removal

Apply to lash line and leave for 3- 5 minutes. Work with micro brushes to gently remove lashes.

Lash shampoo

Our beautiful foaming cleanser if perfect for cleaning lash extensions.  Can be retailed

Using a lash cleanser will prolong the retention of the lash extensions and help maintain the health of the lashes.

Dispense a pump of a foam onto the fingers and massage gently into the lash line.

Rinse with cool – lukewarm water.